Pregnancy, baby and kid advice for mums and dads

help with babies and kidsBecoming a parent is one of the hardest and most rewarding things that someone can do. But it can be a trying and confusing time. You need advice. Every new parent needs advice but more seasoned parents also need a little support at times.

Are you a new parent looking for help? Then this is the website for you. Kids are great, and give your life a new meaning but raising them can be challenging. They can be hard work sometimes and its not unusual to feel completely out of your depth

Luckily help is at hand. Here at Mum SOS we believe that nobody should struggle alone and we should all help each other.

Pregnancy advice

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This is where your parenting journey begins. You are pregnant, or trying to get pregnant, and aren’t really sure what to expect. Do you need some advice about being pregnant? Or maybe a maternity pillow.

Being pregnant is one of the scariest times for a women. Practically everything is an unknown, especially if this is your first baby.

Lots of people have been where you are and have probably had the same issues and feelings. If you have any worries at all then you should consult your physician, but in the meantime there are books about practically everything to do with pregnancy and child birth.

Child birth can be a particularly worrying thing, especially for first time mothers. Take some comfort in the fact that millions of women before you have been through it and survived. It is hard work and it is painful, but its not bad enough to stop most women doing it again!

Help with newborns

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A newborn baby is a challenge in every sense of the word. Everything is new. New experiences are around every corner. Being a parent to a newborn is an incredibly fulfilling experience but can be overwhelming at times.

The main problem with a newborn is the conflicting advise that comes from the well wishers and family members. Advise is good when you have a newborn baby, but its difficult to know whats right and whats wrong. Our advise would be to grab a set of good books and get reading....Preferably before the birth but it doesn't matter if you elave it until the last minute!

Taking Baby Home

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Most people assume that you have your baby, go home and everything sorts itself out. This isn't the case. Before you take baby home there needs to be a lot of planning and maybe a little bit of moving around. The home needs to be ready to welcome your new baby to his new home.

This might include a new nursery or a new bedrooms, or even a new house. Whatever it includes there are a few things that are essential.

A car seat and a basket are usually two of these essentials but also little things like towels and bedding are things that some people forget all about.

Help with babies and toddlers

So you overcome the first few months and you are doing great. Newborns are great and they seem like hard work but as baby grows the demand only grows with him!

Even after you have gotten over the birth and lived through the newborn stage, everybody comes across a situation where they just don’t know what to do. When baby is young and they are starting to find their way in the world is when most parents feel completely overwhelmed. Lots of new experiences and exciting times usually bring about the need for help and advice. Don't panic, everybody feels this overwhelmed, its common.

Help with Kids and teens

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As kids grow up and begin to find their independence things don’t get any easier and you will still need help and advice. Advice for older kids is more vital than ever before. The child is developing and is aware of their surroundings so you need to be discreet about any problems you have with them. Help is at hand!

Are you a parent looking for advice? Then you are in the right place!

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