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Pregnancy can be an uncomfortable time. The maternity pillow can be heaven for the pregnant lady. It gives you the ideal position to lie in and offers support to your frame and legs. A good cushion when you are pregnant is like getting a nice warm hug from a friend.

Pregancy Pillows

What is a pregnancy pillow? Its not just a standard bed pillow that you rest your head on. A maternity pillow is a 'v' shaped pillow that you lie on, with it between your legs... It supports your bump so you aren't lay on it and it makes it much much much more comfortable to sleep and gives you the peace of mind that you aren't resting on your baby!

If you are having trouble sleeping whilst pregnant then you probably need one of these!

Everyone Should Have A Maternity Pillow!

As soon as you find out you are pregnant you should go out and buy a maternity pillow. They are amazing and should be on every pregnancy essentials list. Its so much more comfortable to sleep when you have one of these. And on top of this, most women say they continue to use them for breastfeeding and just comfort, after baby comes along.

Are they all the same? Not really, there are a few different types. There are wedge shaped ones, full body ones and smaller ones. The full body pregnancy pillows are the best in our opinion. They might be a little bit more expensive but they are so much better, and offer the best flexibility.

What should you look for?

As with anything else in life, if you know what to look for then shopping for your maternity pillow will be easier. Firstly you need to look for the full body size. But that is not all, you should also look for one with a removable cover and one that is filled with memory foam. Memory foam pregnancy pillows offer the best option for comfort and noise, and its really not that much more expensive.

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